Top Tips for Travel in 2021

The travel industry is coiled like a spring. Assuming the vaccination schedule is met, within months we’ll be given the green light and Australians will be surging to airports, driven by pent up demand that is over a year in the making. Itching to get away? You’re not the only one.

If you Google ‘travel trends for 2021’ you’ll notice some recurring themes – space, solitude and the avoidance of strangers. Family bubble adventures are top of the hit list along with small scale accommodation that offers remoteness and exclusivity. The problem is that, by its very nature, this style of travel cannot cater for the masses. At the moment there is space and even special offers to be had for late 2021 but within a matter of weeks demand is going to outstrip supply and availability in secluded spots will be as rare as hens’ teeth.

Our advice is to act now. As industry specialists we know who offers the most favourable (read: zero risk) Ts and Cs, how to get fast tracked through airports, and where to find availability for that remote 6-person hideaway. Just think, while everyone else is scrabbling over the scraps, you’ll already be cruising above the clouds to the holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

Smug? You bet!

Top Tips for Travel in 2021

Book Early

Right now we are experiencing the calm before the storm. Demand is expected to rise abruptly when travel restrictions are lifted but until that point the forward-planners among us have their pick of dates, accommodation and early bird special offers.

Understand risk (the lack of!)

Terms and conditions have never been more favourable! As operators adapt to the demand for zero-risk bookings, most understand that if they don’t offer refundable deposits and flexible terms they simply won’t see any business. This puts consumers in the best possible position, enjoying all of the reward and none of the risk.

Utilise specials

In the same vein as booking early, now is the time to capitalise on special offers. Plenty of international destinations are desperate for your business and have published irresistible price incentives in a bid to woo you to their shores. Such reductions have never been seen before and are unlikely to ever be seen again.

Use a travel agent

Not all operators publicly publish their special offers (they have an image to uphold after all!) and that’s where a travel agent can really bring value. Not only do they have preferential access to the best deals and availability, they can also deal with airlines, secure insurance and navigate international regulations, leaving you to enjoy your holiday stress free.

Prioritise small

When travel returns there will still be a desire to avoid crowds and strangers. As a result small scale accommodation in remote locations will be in hot demand but since these spots tend to have very few beds, they will fill up quickly. Unless you want to wait two or three years for your wilderness holiday, we suggest you prioritise it. The city break can wait…

Linger longer

There will be a temptation to ‘make up for lost time’  by jam-packing your holiday itinerary,  but our advice is to choose your destination carefully so that it offers all that you need, and stay put. There is joy to be had in unpacking and putting down roots, and of course reducing movement between destinations also means less time in busy hubs and a reduction in the carbon footprint of your travels to boot.


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See you out there.

Ella Collins

Ella Collins

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