Lizard Island

Queensland, Australia

Tropical Island Retreat

As the northern-most resort on the Great Barrier Reef and the only one located on a 1,013-hectare National Park, Lizard Island feels truly secluded from the rest of the world, despite being just a one hour flight from Cairns.

There are just 40 rooms and villas ensuring a sense of quiet exclusivity. Set in a broad sweeping arc along Anchor Bay, Beachfront Suites offer captivating sea views and each has a private pathway leading directly to the beach. Meanwhile Ocean View villas are set high on Sunset Bay with private plunge pools, and Garden View rooms are set in lush tropical gardens. Larger villas cater for families or small groups.

The resort is literally on the reef so no long boat rides are needed to enjoy one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. You may also enjoy a number of guided tours, either to remote spots on the inner and outer reefs, to the Australian Museum Lizard Island Research Station to learn about conservation, or on nature walks and challenging hikes to the top of Cook’s Look. Alternatively, you can explore the island by yourself, taking in the beauty at your own pace. The spa is designed as a natural extension of the calm tranquility of the resort, and the dining showcases the best of the region’s fresh local produce and seafood.

Long regarded as the pinnacle of luxurious island resorts in Australia,  an escape to Lizard Island offers a luxuriously exclusive experience whilst maintaining sound environmental conservation principles.

You will love

  • Remote & exclusive
  • Pristine reefs with abundant fish
  • Fascinating conservation work
  • Reef location – boats optional