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A selection of our favourite journeys in Colombia

Tropical Fruits

Itinerary Inspiration | A Colombian Food Safari
It is often said that in Colombia you get five destinations for the price of one: the Pacific Coast, the Andes, the Amazon, the eastern plains and the Caribbean. This huge diversity and abundance gives rise to some of the finest gastronomic experiences in the world. Modern chefs are turning traditional culture, produce, colour and flavour upside down and the results are taking the world by storm.

Cowboys & Coffee Beans

Itinerary Inspiration | Rural Life at its best
Instead of the typical tourist trail, head out to explore rural Colombia on a journey meandering five different regions with a focus on cuisine, culture and the cowboy lifestyle. Get an insight into street art, enjoy canoeing, birdwatching or artisanal fishing, sit around bonfires in the evening, learn about one of the previously most dangerous neighbourhoods of Medellin and enjoy great food, coffee, rum and Colombian life.

Colombia El Presidente

Itinerary Inspiration | Colonial Heritage
A 12-day itinerary with variety - explore the busy metropolis of Bogota, head off the grid to Los Llanos and on safari in a luxury tented camp, meander the cobblestone streets of quaint Barichara and delight in the coffee, colours, culture and charm of bustling Cartagena. A journey of relaxed experiences and also those for the outdoor adventurer, along with differing styles of accommodation throughout.

Coffee Culture & Caribbean Coast

Itinerary Inspiration | Colombia
Journey through Colombia's coffee region and explore the highlights of Cartagena and Medellin on this 11-day itinerary. Visit street markets, meander the cobblestone streets, visit UNESCO World Heritage areas, get off the beaten track and sample great local food, stop at a rum distillery and interact with the locals.

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