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A selection of our favourite journeys in Bhutan

Bhutan Heartland

Inspiration Itinerary | Exploring an ancient way of life
Nestled between India, Sikkim, Assam & Tibet lies the magical, mystical country of Bhutan. Historically cut off from the rest of the world by its own desires, and its geographical positioning, Bhutan now welcomes visitors with wide smiles and warm hearts. Travel to a land where the religion is uplifting, the air is pure, the architecture inspiring, the mountains magnificent and the people are absolutely delightful!

Bhutan’s Mountains & Monasteries

Inspiration Itinerary | Explore the tiny kingdom of Bhutan
Chant with monks, explore temples and marvel at monasteries and museums that house hundreds of years of treasures! Hike to Tiger's Nest, natter with nuns, be inspired by the fresh air and the endless stunning scenery. Bhutan is truly one of the last 'shangri las' and this journey can be tailored to as energetic or as gentle as you wish. Explore the country where happiness reigns supreme!

Wonders of Bhutan 2024

One of the world's last ‘Shangri‐La's’ - August 2024
The tiny kingdom of Bhutan remains enigmatic, unspoilt and deeply spiritual. Off limits to travellers until 1974, today the country continues to preserve its customs and age‐old traditions and is regarded as one of the world's last ‘Shangri‐La's’ and an absolute 'bucket list' destination. Our journey focuses on the iconic destinations, each jam packed with sites & ceremonies that will simply leave you in awe.

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