Why book your flights with us?

At The Classic Safari Company we are masters of travel and can offer key insights into the best flight routings, airlines and airfares for you to undertake your chosen itinerary, and we can provide valuable information on luggage allowance, seating and so forth.  When we book your flight reservations we are also made aware of any flights schedule changes, rerouting or cancellations, allowing us to act quickly to amend your land arrangements to suit.


When it comes to getting there and away, if you would like us to do all the work for you, we simply need to know: 


What is your preferred class of travel?

If your preference is to fly economy, premium economy, business or first class please let us know.  We will provide fare quotes for your preferred class of travel, or fare quotes for comparison between the classes to assist with your decision making.  Not all airlines and/or aircraft offer all classes of seating, however, where there are options available we will certainly let you know.  The cost of your airline tickets will appear on your invoice and should be paid as soon as possible to avoid fare increases.  Any increase in fares between the time of quoting and ticketing will be advised before being added to your account.

Your passports and your ‘name as per your passport’

Please provide us with a copy of the ID page in your passport.  With this information we can ensure that all flights are booked as per ‘your name in your passport’.  This is particularly important if your passport name differs from your ‘common name’.   Once issued name changes on airline tickets are either incredibly difficult, or simply not possible, so it is best we have the correct information at the outset.   You can scan a copy of your passport ID page or simply take a clear, flat photograph using your smartphone and email it directly to your Travel Designer and/or 

If you are travelling domestically within Australia we still require a copy of your identification for the same purpose as above.  If you do not have a copy of your passport please send us a clear, colour photograph of your Drivers License – or any other formal identification that clearly states your legal name.

Frequent Flyer or other Loyalty Program

Please provide us with your frequent flyer membership details (or other applicable loyalty program details) for inclusion in your flight booking.  We do recommend you check your frequent flyer program (or other applicable loyalty program) for the specific terms of your membership as we cannot guarantee that the supplier of your frequent flyer or other loyalty program will credit you with points for your booking or provide you with any other particular benefit, including (without limitation) status credits or lounge access.

Visas & Travel Regulations

Please let us know if you require any assistance in obtaining visas for your chosen destination, or assistance with any other regulatory travel requirements.  We will provide you with general information on visas and other travel document requirements for the destinations included in the itinerary booked with us, however, it is your responsibility to check the latest travel regulations and recommendations  before you fly, and to ensure that you have valid passports, that you know what proof-of-vaccination, PCR tests, visas and/or re-entry permits must be obtained to meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities, both at home and abroad.

Weight allowance – both you and your luggage!

The class of travel you book, and potentially your frequent flyer status, will determine the luggage allowance provided for your flight.  We will advise you of this at the time of booking if it varies from the standard international airline allowance.  Should you need to book any excess luggage or special equipment please let us know and we will research and advise you accordingly.

If your air arrangements involve flying on charter flights please be advised that charter companies often have a strict luggage allowance AND need to be advised if you are 100+kgs.  They do reserve the right to charge for an extra seat if they feel the carrying capacity of the plane is compromised.  You can read all about charter flight luggage allowances here.  If you believe you need us to advise the charter company of either of these categories please get in touch.  There may be extra charges associated with blocking off an extra seat and the penalties for not advising them in advance are high.

The cost of your airfare and our booking fee

Once we have determined your preferred airline, flight routing and class of travel we will provide you with an airfare quote including our $250 per person airline booking fee plus $75 per person booking fee for each additional airline involved in your itinerary.  As airlines are no longer remunerating agents for booking flights this fee covers all the administration required to ensure every aspect of your booking is taken care of – from initially determining and booking the best available flight routing and airfare, to adding all your passport and contact details (now a mandatory requirement for all airlines), ensuring your frequent flyer details are included in your reservation, selecting your preferred seat (airline-imposed additional charges may apply & seating is subject to availability), advising the airline of any dietary requirements and/or special needs, and monitoring the status of your flight for schedule changes, cancellations and/or rerouting before and whilst you are travelling.   Any airline charges imposed for changes to your flight reservation, after ticketing, will be invoiced separately.

If you book your own flight arrangements…

Please provide us with a copy of your ticket so that we can ensure that all land arrangements, and specifically arrival and departure transfers, are booked accordingly.  Should you not advise us of any changes to your booking (schedule changes, delays, cancellations or any other change to your booking) we will not be responsible for rebooking, rescheduling or changing your arrangements to marry with your amended/changed flights.  Any costs incurred due to schedule changes, delays, cancellations or any other change will be to your own account.  In addition, should you have any issues with lost luggage we, and our partners on the ground at your destination, will do all possible to assist you, however this may incur additional administration fees depending on the complexity of the issue and the time and resources required to assist.