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Five unusual things to do in New Zealand

Let’s be real – we know you can book a trip to New Zealand yourself. A quick Google search throws up countless accommodation options and accessible outdoor adventures; booking a rental car online is easy and the roads are dreamy when you get there. You don’t need a travel agent for that, and that’s OK.

But very soon the world and his wife are going to be descending on New Zealand’s popular hotspots and what if you don’t want to be surrounded by tourists?

We’ve partnered with selected local operators who are the sole providers of some downright phenomenal experiences, none of which can be found online. Better still, all of these activities are individually bookable meaning that if you prefer, you can keep your accommodation modest and blow your budget on extraordinary adventures instead.

Here are five of our favourites if you’re looking to do something different across the ditch:

1. Attend a Powhiri – a Maori welcome

This traditional welcome takes place on a holy mountain that even Maori need permission to access. Deeply spiritual and disarmingly authentic, its emotional impact makes it a ‘must do’ experience.

2. Heli touring with a local legend

A ‘sightseeing’ spin with a difference! Fly to remote spots to tuck into wild food picnics, snorkel for lobster, discover jade in the wilderness and spend time with whitebait fishermen and farmers. Only a lifelong local could offer this.

3. Study orcas with an expert

Dr. Visser is the only researcher specialising in orcas in New Zealand waters. She is an international authority on these incredible apex predators and a household name in conservation circles. Heading out on a boat with her takes the concept of marine safaris to the next level.

4. Take on untrodden terrain

Go beyond the ‘tourist motorways’ of the Great Walks and head off into the mountains with a professional high country guide. Tackle a technical peak or hike an unmarked route – with the right guide, the wilderness is yours to explore!

5. Throw a mind-blowing birthday bash

Museum-quality birthday presents delivered to a private island by a 28-strong Maori war party in a canoe? No problem. When you have the right connections almost anything is possible. Throw your wildest ideas at us!


These activities are available exclusively through our connections – they can’t be booked direct and you won’t find them elsewhere.


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Ella Collins

Ella Collins