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Life on Safari – How a Typical Day Unfolds

Life on an African wildlife safari has a rhythm of its own, largely dictated by the movement of the surrounding wildlife. Generally, the most rewarding time for game viewing is in the cooler hours of the day when predators especially are most active. A typical day on safari will vary depending on the camp or lodge you are staying in, however invariably it will include early morning and late afternoon game viewing activities, allowing time during the hottest part of the day to relax.

Whilst on safari the camp managers and guides will assist you to plan your day, advising you on the various activities on offer. Bespoke travel arrangements allow for greater flexibility, while small group African safari tours may have more structure in place, but generally options may include walking safaris, 4WD game viewing forays, night drives, boating activities, bird watching opportunities, and cultural village or local community visits. You will also have time to relax in camp and will undoubtedly enjoy a traditional ‘sundowner’ in a range of spectacular locations.

The exact way in which your day unfolds will depend factors such as your location and the time of year you are travelling and many of the best guides leave things open-ended to allow them to react to natural conditions and wildlife movements, providing the very best encounters possible on any given day. In addition to curating a fantastic wildlife experience, and taking care of your safety and your comfort, your guide will teach you about the local history and traditions, and if they are local, which most are, they will provide an unparalleled insight into life in the bush.

However your day unfolds, there is never a dull moment on safari and the surprises along the way are always the things that etch themselves most firmly in your memory.

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While the adventures of each day are truly unique, there is a comfortable routine to daily safari life….


Typically, your day starts with the rising of the sun (5‐6am), and if the chatter of birds has not yet woken you a friendly wakeup call will ensure you are ready for your early morning game drive. Freshly made tea or coffee may be delivered to you, or made available by the campfire with a

light breakfast of juice, cereal, toast, and jams.

As you head out of camp your guide will be scanning the landscape and the roads for any signs of predators returning from the hunt and other wildlife movement during the night. Depending on what you see you will head back to the lodge or camp around 9am.


On arrival back into camp tuck into a hearty breakfast or brunch and then, just as the animals retreat to escape the heat of midday, so will you. This is your time to relax, take a nap, enjoy a swim or spa treatment (if on offer) or just sit under a tree and soak up your surroundings. Few camps serve ‘lunch’ and more typically you will enjoy brunch and then a high tea consisting of sweet treats, savoury bites plus tea and coffee before heading out again in the afternoon.


Around 4pm you will once again head out into the wilderness to witness the animals wake from their days’ slumber. Invariably they will gather around the nearest water source providing you with fabulous photographic opportunities. Marvel at the splendour of an African sunset enjoying a

traditional ‘sundowner’ before making your way back to camp. The evening game drive is often the best time to again see the predatory animals as darkness falls and prey species become ever more active and alert.


On your return to camp enjoy a hot shower before gathering for dinner beneath a star-studded sky. After dinner relax around the campfire exchanging stories of your days sightings before retreating to the comfort of your tent where you will fall asleep to the calls of the African wild.

Lala Salama ‐ sleep well!


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