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Galapagos Sky

The 100ft., 16-passenger luxury live-aboard diving yacht, Galapagos Sky, has been operating in the Galapagos Archipelago for over a decade, providing thousands of divers with high octane, extraordinary Galapagos diving experiences.  The Galapagos Sky also offers a full line-up of luxury accommodations, excellent food, great amenities and friendly staff.

The 8-day itinerary offers a total of 16-18 dives and 2 land excursions on every trip.  Visit Wolf & Darwin Islands on every trip – the diving here is arguably the best in the world!  The Galapagos Sky itinerary has two days with long (you’ll be asleep) overnight navigations in order to get to these crown jewels of world class diving.

You will enjoy up to 3 dives per day Monday through Saturday including Wolf and Darwin.  The first two days and last two days of each cruise on Galapagos Sky will feature 2 dives per day, and these sites in the “central islands” showcase the diversity of Galapagos diving.  Besides the resident mantas, sharks and whale sharks, this is also an opportunity to photograph little Galapagos invertebrates in vibrant colour.  During the cruise, you will also have the opportunity to walk in the steps of Charles Darwin, with two guided land excursions on islands that are rich in Galapagos history.  As on any live-aboard or diving adventure – itineraries may be changed due to current or pending weather conditions or at the Captains discretion for your comfort and safety.

Manta Season is the “warm season” for Galapagos diving.  Air temperatures go up a few degrees, but typically the water at Wolf and Darwin islands will be anywhere from 78 – 82 degrees F – a full 6 – 10 degrees warmer than other seasons.

Despite the warmth – the visibility is also usually the best Galapagos has to offer during the Manta season.

Hammerheads, hammerheads, hammerheads.  Individuals, small schools, large schools, and even the possibility of running into a solid wall of hammers!  During manta season, the sharks tend to “wall up”, creating a solid school of large sharks in a very, very close proximity to each other.  Manta season is also when there is a sharp increase in the sightings of all types of rays – giant mantas for sure, but also large (200 plus) schools of mobula rays, spotted eagle rays, golden rays, cow-nosed rays and marble rays.

Whale Shark Season is June – November and whilst you may be lucky to see a whale shark on any cruise on the M/V Galapagos Sky, the number of encounters goes up dramatically during this time of year.  Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea, and large adults may reach up to 40ft. (12.2 m) in length, and mature adults are typically 30ft. (10 m) in length.  They weigh 40,000 lbs or more, only a few of the great whales (mammals) are larger.

There’s really nothing like the thrill of finding and seeing whale sharks in their natural habitat.  Their size along delivers an unforgettable impression.  Thye are also often accompanied by a host of other sea denizens: remoras, cleaner fish, tuna, mackerel.  These large whale sharks bring a mini-ecosystem along for the ride.

Ecoventura alternates two different 7-night itineraries to prevent over-usage of any sites but both itineraries are equally spectacular and showcase the very best in the Galapagos’ natural history. If required, the two itineraries can be combined for a longer, two-week journey visiting every corner of the Galapagos Islands. Whilst on board MV Origin you will be guided by two naturalist guides – one for every ten guests which is the lowest guide to guest ratio in Galapagos. This ensures an outstanding learning experience and intimate wildlife encounters.

Each day, you will explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site on two guided land excursions with activities including walks along pristine beaches, hikes on volcanic lava or tunnels among lush vegetation. Observe wildlife up close and unafraid of human visitors such as giant tortoises, land iguanas, sea lions, penguins, blue-footed boobies and whales (seasonal). Explore the marine environment by Zodiac, glass-bottom boat, or while snorkelling, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding with all equipment provided on a complimentary basis.

Travelling aboard a sustainable, state of the art luxury vessel in comfort and style, a voyage aboard MV Origin is the very best way to experience the wonder of the Galapagos Islands.

You will love

  • Luxury live-aboard in the Galapagos
  • Hammerhead, whale sharks, mantra rays & more
  • Astounding marine life & diversity
  • A maximum of 16 divers + guides
  • Enjoy 3 dives per day


Day 1, Sunday:

Arrive San Cristobal and be met by the crew from Galapagos Sky. Once on board there is a mandatory safety briefing and drill and then cruise to Los Lobos for a check-out dive where you may encounter sea lions and fur seals. Enjoy sunset cocktails and appetizers on deck and circumnavigate the amazing twin-rock formation of Kicker Rock, home to Blue-footed boobies, masked boobies and the magnificent frigate birds.

DAY 2, Monday:

Enjoy a morning shore excursion to the highlands of Santa Cruz to see giant land tortoise in their natural habitat. You will also visit Los Gemelos, a pair of large pit craters and the largest lava tubes in the Galapagos. In the afternoon there are two dives at Cousins Rocks.

DAYS 3-5, Tuesday-Thursday:

Spend the next three days diving the legendary islands of Wolf & Darwin, one of the best dive sites in the world. Whale Sharks are common here, particularly from May through November. At the Northern Arch at Darwin, you will see Hammerhead sharks either individually, in small groups, or large schools. Bottlenose dolphins are not uncommon. The reef contains many warm water varieties of fish found nowhere else in the Islands and is the most consistent place to see Hammerheads.

Day 6, Friday

A morning dive at Roca Redona, where you may encounter Hammerheads, Wahoos, big eye Jacks, and at times you can see the underwater volcanic vents which release warm water bubble streams. The afternoon dive including 2 dives at Punta Vicente Roca, includes colorful sites with many marine invertebrates, anemones, lobsters, shrimp with occasional Mola Mola sightings.

Day 7, Saturday

At Cape Marshall, on the eastern side of Isabela, we have 2 dives, where can encounter rocky volcanic cliffs which drop down to the ocean floor as an almost vertical wall. You may see large marine life such as manta rays, marble rays, hammerheads, mola mola and marine turtles.

Day 8, Sunday

This morning you will visit the interpretation centre to learn more about the natural history of the Islands before returning to town to connect with your flight back to the mainland.


8 days/7 nights

8 days/7 nights

START: San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands     |     Finish: San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands

  • Scheduled departures on Sunday
  • 7 night itinerary
  • For experienced divers, minimum 100 hours
  • Air or nitrox filled tanks, weights, weight belt included
  • 1 guide per 8 divers
  • Up to 4 dives on 5.5 days of 7-night cruise
  • 2 shore excursions to view some wildlife
  • For rent: BCD, Regulator & Gauge, Dive Computer, wetsuit, hood, fins & booties, mask & snorkel – enquire for costs.

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