A small group journey for women

An Italian Luxe Adventure

Departing September 2024

A beautiful Italian luxe adventure

Italy is famous for its breathtaking scenery, gorgeous cities and villages that evoke the very essence of la dolce vita – and on this gorgeous new adventure to Verona and the Dolomites, you will be immersed into the sweet life every day.

Situated in northern Italy’s sun-kissed Veneto region, Verona looks like something from a storybook, with its winding streets, romantic courtyards, and spice-toned terracotta-topped abodes. While many visit the 14th-century residence dubbed ‘Juliet’s House’, with its quaint courtyard and little stone balcony, the city’s real centrepiece is the Verona Arena.

Dating back to the 1st century, the vast Roman amphitheater serves as a venue during the city’s yearly summer opera festival. Beyond its charm, Verona boasts a flourishing art scene, great locally produced food and wine, and of course the shopping is divine.

There is so much to see and do here you may think you’ll never want to leave – until you reach the spectacular region that is home to the Dolomites.

Located just south of the main section of the Alps, the Italian Dolomites are somewhat of a tourist mecca, offering breathtaking views, peaceful pastures and a step back in history to a much simpler time. There is the opportunity to take advantage of nature at its best, while hiking or biking in the beautiful terrain of the region. But the Dolomites are not just about trails and sightseeing.

The area is rich with culture and is home to a people who are as unique as the territory in which they reside. You’ll be amazed by the diversity of this mountain range which has been preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This spectacular destination combines Italian passion for la dolce vita with European sensibility and efficiency. The Austrian & German influence can be felt and seen everywhere, providing a totally unique Italian experience – in fact in many provinces both German and Italian are considered the official language.

Even the most discriminating foodie will appreciate the area’s cuisine: the Veneto and South Tyrol regions offer much-loved dishes, delicious wines, and top restaurants. What began as simple, yet unique, food has evolved into widely respected haute cuisine that’s loyal to its tradition and local products. Among the regional specialties are cheeses from the Fiemme and Fassa valleys, speck (smoked raw ham), apples, and world-renowned wines—many from boutique and organic wineries.

This eno-gastronomical exploration, combined with exceptional hiking in the breathtaking Dolomite landscape, is a bucket-list experience.

There is much to do and see on this beautiful getaway, so check out the detailed itinerary or book now to secure your very own slice of Italian heaven.

You will love

  • Private guided experiences throughout
  • Luxury and boutique spa hotels
  • Exploring romantic Verona
  • Hiking the peaks of the Dolomites
  • Dolomites Foodie Day



Welcome to Italy!

Arrival in Verona on September 1st. The following day we will explore secret spots in the fascinating city of romance, music and opera. We’ll be enchanted while we take a historical cultural visit as well as a deeper dive into the artisans and craftsmen who exemplify the lights and colours of past eras, all intermingled between ancient stone walls and arches. Enjoy a delicious private foodie explore to ensure you maximise your tastebuds too.

Culture vultures rejoice! Enveloped by the river Adige, fortified and well-defended, the city is best known as the home of Romeo and Juliet. So, a stop in at Juliet’s house is a must as well as roman ruins everywhere! And for those who are lovers of Opera there is no more beautiful place to visit than the Arena, home to Verona’s stunning opera programme. And there just happens to be one performance on 01 September for those who cannot resist…

We’ll enjoy a welcome drink and dinner during your stay here to celebrate this gorgeous experience..

Accommodation: Grand Hotel des Arts Verona
Included Meals: Breakfast daily, Welcome Dinner



This morning check out, enjoy breakfast and it is time to head to San Candido, Val Pusteria. We begin our adventure immersed in lovely forests and plateaus; roaming the tiny villages that characterise the Val Pusteria-Pustertal Valley. The further the valley extends toward the north, east, and south, the more mountainous it becomes, until it is completely occupied by the world-famous pale giants of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Dolomites. At the beginning of the Val Pusteria, the road leads past the Rio Molino-Mühlbach Gap, which once served as a customs station and main route to the main city, Brunico-Bruneck.

A symphony of meadow, forest, and gentle hills, behind which is the bright fanfare sound of the jubilant towers and ridges of the Dolomites on one side and the fortissimo of the Zillertal Alps on the other.

We’ll take a quick shuttle to the beautiful nearby village of Sesto and enjoy dinner at a typical stube in Sesto. A stube is the hearth, or the “warming room” (sometimes the bedroom) in a traditional Tirolean home.

Accommodation: Post Hotel (or similar)
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch\



Today our focus will be shifted to the Tre Cime or Three Peaks. The Three Peaks in the nature park by the same name, probably form one of the most distinctive, if not the most striking, mountain chains in the Dolomites.

No wonder that this natural highlight is also the symbol of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage in the Dolomites.

In 1869, the Big Peak (2,999 m) was successfully conquered for the first time by Paul Grohmann from Vienna, Franz Innerkofler from Sesto and Peter Salcher from Luggau. They reached the top in 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Five years later a 21-year-old woman––Anna Ploner––climbed to the top of the Great Pinnacle. In 1879, the Western Pinnacle (2,973 m) was conquered for the first time, and in 1881, the Small Peak (2,857 m), the most difficult of the 3 peaks, was mounted successfully. In the same year, the Three Peaks Hut was built.

Since then, these mountains in the Sesto Dolomites, on the border between the provinces of Belluno and South Tyrol, have been attracting passionate climbers and leisure hikers from all over the world. Beyond the shadow of the Three Peaks, we’ll find ourselves encircled by awe-inspiring Sesto Dolomites such as Zwölferkofel (Croda die Toni), Einserkofel, Sextner Rotwand and Dreischusterspitze – all incredibly spectacular to witness.

Hike Information: Tre Cime: shorter – easy loop/route
The 10.3-kilometre loop has 400m of ascent/descent with a nice mix of uphill and downhill sections.
The most challenging section is the drop from Rifugio Locatelli down the valley and back up the other side. But it is not too difficult and anyone with a reasonable level of fitness should have no problem. There are many great rifugi to stop in.
Total time walking: 3.5 to 4 hours

Accommodation: Post Hotel
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner



Today’s hike includes an incredible, historical walk amongst WWI bunkers and other official batteries/galleries. The Lagazuoi cable car will take us up to an altitude of 2732 meters, just below the summit. There you can choose between challenging routes to/from or easy panoramic paths, such as the one leading up to the summit cross and the pathways linking the emplacements, trenches and tunnels of the largest open-air Museum of World War I.

The mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi is situated on the peak of Mount Lagazuoi, above the Falzarego Pass, halfway between Cortina d’Ampezzo and the Badia Valley.

Located at 2752m altitude, the Lagazuoi hut is the highest and the largest mountain hut in Cortina d’Ampezzo and boasts the most panoramic terrace in the Dolomites. The nine components of the Dolomites World Heritage Site protect a series of highly distinctive mountain landscapes that are of exceptional natural beauty. Their dramatic vertical and pale colored peaks in a variety of distinctive sculptural forms are extraordinary in a global context. The hut is elegant and nicely designed with wonderful food.

We’ll enjoy lunch on site. Afternoon return for some shopping and roaming in San Candido.

Hike Information: Lagazuoi easy route:
Take funivia/lift. From the hut, we walk up the hill from the rifugio (at 2,752m) to Piccolo Lagazuoi at 2,778m – most stunning panoramic viewpoints in Europe. The path is wide, easy and well-maintained. 1.5 hr round trip. Lunch at rifugio and afternoon guided visit to the barracks.
Total time walking: 2-3 hours

Accommodation: San Candido at Post Hotel
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner



We’ll start our hike in Dobbiaco, a charming Southern Tirolian town located just up the road from San Candido.

Follow the cycling and walking path that runs alongside the Dobbiaco Lake (Lago di Dobbiaco). This path is relatively flat and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Alternative option: 40-50 kilometre e-bike ride to Austria!

Following the Drava Cycle Path (Drauradweg), a well-marked cycling route that runs along the Drava River, this scenic path is suitable for e-bikes/beginner cyclists and passes through beautiful alpine landscapes with mountains on both sides. There are plenty of spots to stop and take in the views! The most exciting part is, of course – crossing the border! After 45 km of leisurely pedalling, you’ll cross the border from Italy into Austria. Lienz is a charming Austrian town situated right on the banks of the Drava River. Lienz is a great place to explore with its historic centre, beautiful boutiques and restaurants.

Bike information: e-bike easy rolling bike path 45km – one way. A nice wide bike path with rolling hills (easy ride with e-bikes). Leave bikes in Lienz then train back to San Candido – full day activity.

Accommodation: San Candido at Post Hotel
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner



This morning we’ll pack up and make our way to Cortina. We’ll enjoy a morning food tour with tastings and an overview of the Slope Food and the Dolomites current culinary scene.

The food in both Pusteria and Ampezzo valleys is highly influenced by the nearby borders: Tyrole and Apsburg cookery blend with the locat Veneto tradition creating a unique style.

Many typical dishes carry original German names as a sign of the tight bond the locals have in regards to their past. Among the most famous dishes is chenedi, a local spinoff of Tyrole canederli, or knodel, breadcrumb dumplings filled with speck, lard, spinach and cheese that come served either swimming in hot broth, or dressed with brown butter. Of clear German and Central European origin is pestariei: pieces of flour and water dough that are cooked in salted milk: this was a typical local breakfast. From the Veneto region comes the tradition of eating polenta,rise e bise (risotto with peas),faariesa, which is a soup of fava beans and barley; pastìn, which is a dumpling made with coarsely ground salami, garlic and spices, which is then grilled.

Other local specialties are Gulasch süppe, a meat entree which origins are clearly Hungarian, bold and full-bodied meat dishes, like game casserole served with cranberry jams, braised pork chops, plus grostl, and Austrian potato and meat pie, in addition to cured meats like speck, soppresse, ossocolli and avrious salamis. A typical side dish served in Cortina is patate ampezzane, cubed potatoes that are boiled and then sauteed with onion and speck. Cortina boasts an ancient and rich creamery tradition with an ample production of high-altitude pasture cheeses which are generally not very aged. Among the most loved are Contrin, Fodòm, Renàz, Schiz, Tosela, Zumelle and Zigher.

For sweets, the choices are many: apfelstrudel, classic apple strudel, furtaies, which are fried crostoli pastries, nighele and krapfen filled with pastry cream or apricot jam, ricotta cakes and the classic Sacher torte, layered with apricot jam.

After lunch, we’ll enjoy some free time that can include afternoon shopping or spa time.

Accommodation: Hotel de Len
Included Meals: Breakfast, Food Tour, Lunch and Dinner



The Falzarego pass is a high mountain pass in the Veneto region, in the province of Belluno. It is nestled between the mountains Lagazuoi and Col Gallina, in front of Mt. Sasso di Stria at an altitude of 2,109 m––only a few kilometres south of the South Tyrolean border, to which it is connected via the Valparola pass. This pass connects the territory of Agordo and the Badia Valley with Cortina d’Ampezzo via the Great Dolomites Road.

From the Falzarego Pass we’ll walk to the Cinque Torri hut. As most of the mountain formations in the area, the Cinque Torri is also formed of Dolomite stone, characterized by the peculiar light grey color that distinguishes it from the other rocks. This small range is formed by five spurs from which it derives its name; the maximum altitude is 2,361 metres on the Torre Grande.

Final dinner at SanBrite, a 1-Star Michelin restaurant.

Sanbrite has just a few tables amid a decor of elegantly recycled old wood, while a large window offers views of the stunning Ampezzo Dolomites outside. Your meal starts in a memorable way: waiters file into the dining room carrying mountains of creamy butter, which is served to every table accompanied by excellent bread with an incomparable texture. Owner-chef Riccardo Gaspari makes careful use of home-produced and regional ingredients, creating delicious cuisine in which mountain traditions are refreshed with modern touches, most noticeably visible in the desserts which are made without adding extra sugar. Sanbrite literally means “healthy pasture”, a name that evokes the qualities of the cuisine served there.

Hike Information: Cinque Torri hike options:
Take a chair lift up to the top. In 1.5 hours, after a 1.8 km long hike with 270 meters of altitude gain, we reach the terrace of the Rifugio Nuvolao (2575 m). Lunch and return back. Lift down. About 4km round trip.
OR: From Rifugio Nuvolao to Rifugio Scoiattoli and lift down: 8.5 kms. Elevations gain 598 m

Accommodation: Hotel de Len
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Michelin star dinner



Today we’ll take a nice “soft” hike to beautiful Prato Piazza.

During World War I, the Dolomite Mountains in the South Tyrol region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire served as a key battleground. The front lines ran through the rugged and challenging terrain of the Dolomites, where both Austrian and Italian forces were positioned.

To facilitate troop movements, supply logistics, and strategic positioning, the military recognized the need for well-maintained roads in the region. These roads allowed military forces to access strategic positions, fortifications, and outposts, often in difficult alpine conditions.

The military road from Carbonin to Prato Piazza was constructed as part of these efforts. It was engineered and built to provide access to the high-altitude plateau of Prato Piazza, which had strategic importance during the conflict.

The road was constructed under challenging circumstances, often in harsh weather conditions, and required the labour of numerous soldiers and workers.

Following the end of World War I, the military road remained as a testament to the historical significance of the region during the conflict. While it was initially built for military purposes, it later became accessible for civilian use, particularly hikers and tourists interested in exploring the Dolomites.

Hike Options: Carbonin to Prato Piazza:
This day has different options: the easiest is 10 kms with 50 m elevation gain and 550 m elevation loss.
Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours. The long option adds 4 km, 150 m elev. gain and 160 m elev. loss and duration 1.5 hours (additional to the easier option)

Accommodation: Hotel de Len
Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner



Breakfast and early morning transfer to Venice city or Airport for international travel or continued travels in Italy.

Included Meals: Breakfast


11 days | 1 September to 11 September 2024

11 days
1 September to 11 September 2024

EUR 8,165 per person twin share | Single supplement of EUR 2,195 applies.

EUR 8,165 per person twin share
Single supplement of EUR 2,195 applies.


Many major airlines fly to Rome. You can then connect via flight or train to Verona. Alternatively you can fly over other European capitals with several offering flights directly into Verona. Ask us for details.

Australia & New Zealand passport holders do not require a visa for Italy for a stay of up to 90 days.

If you do not travel on an Australian or New Zealand passport please be sure to let us know and we will advise if there are any visa requirements.


  • Rejuvenate in luxury and boutique spa hotels
  • Explore the romantic city of Verona and all her magic with two unique guided excursions
  • Hike the peaks of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site
  • Ride cable cars to the top of heart-pounding summits
  • Dolomites Foodie Day
  • Michelin star dinner in Cortina
  • Roam tiny mountain villages
  • Walk or cycle the beautiful Dobbiaco Lake through stunning alpine landscapes
  • Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine
  • Experience the warmth & hospitality of an Italian ‘stube’, in a traditional Tirolean home
  • Plenty of retail therapy opportunities!
  • Experience all the beauty of Italy with other fabulous women who are passionate about travel
  • And even more surprises…..


  • Fully escorted from Verona to Venice by your Tour Leader
  • 3 nights’ 4-star boutique accommodation, Indigo Hotel – Grand Hotel des Arts, Verona
  • 4 nights’ 4-star boutique accommodation, Post Hotel, San Candido
  • 3 nights’ luxe 4-star boutique accommodation, Hotel de Len, Cortina D’Ampezzo
  • Private arrival transfer Verona Airport to the hotel
  • Group departure transfer to Venice Airport
  • Breakfast daily
  • Welcome drink in Verona
  • Welcome dinner in Verona
  • Orientation walks in San Candido & Cortina
  • Tram, gondola 6 funivia lift tickets
  • E-bike ride to Lienz (45k) & return train to San Candido
  • Visit to Lagazuoi War Museum
  • 7 lunches & 7 dinners (1 free night in Val Pusteria)
  • Cheese farm visit & tasting in Sesto
  • Wine tastings at dinner
  • Final Michelin Star dinner in Cortina
  • Services of 2 professional bilingual guides on tour
  • Tips & gratuities for all venues


  • Airfares unless stated in the itinerary
  • Items of a personal nature eg phone calls or laundry
  • Passport and visas (if applicable)
  • Entry or departure fees charged at the airport
  • Tips.
  • Any transport outside of included transfers and activities
  • Excess baggage
  • Security and additional government taxes not covered already
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not specifically mentioned in the itinerary and beverages unless specifically described.
  • Optional excursions or activities that may be offered but are not included in the tour price.
  • Camera tickets at sights where allowed.
  • Any COVID required testing or documentation required by the countries of entry.

Minimum – 8 travellers

Maximum – 16 (plus host)

Flights & Insurance – on request


Terms and conditions apply – please request a copy of our Booking Form for full details.
This tour departs with a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 16 people (plus host).
A single room supplement applies of EUR 2,195. Should you be willing to share please advise, however note that should no other ‘willing to share’ participant sign up you will be responsible for paying the single supplement.
The price is subject to change due to currency fluctuation and unforeseen changes beyond our control.
We reserve the right, due to situations beyond our control, to substitute any hotel or boat with another of comparable quality – this would be advised as soon as possible.
All quoted airfares & taxes are subject to change at anytime prior to, or at the time of, ticketing.
By making any payment for this tour, and/or in joining this tour, you acknowledge the potential health risks & you accept full responsibility for any potential quarantine requirements.



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Andrea, founder of Travelling Divas, offers women the opportunity to discover new places or maybe rediscover some old favourites; meet new friends and reconnect with old, and provide the space to indulge in some much needed ‘you’ time. Whether travelling with girlfriends, family or solo, Andrea provides an environment that takes care of you and allows you to experience, rejuvenate and connect!

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